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One Click instead of 2

Is there a way to do 1 Click instead of 2 ?

In this scenario - I don’t need / don’t want a 2nd click.

You have a link / click opens a DIV.
The DIV has a link / click that closes the DIV.

Both links have the same 1 click need.

1 to open the DIV
2 to close the DIV

How can this be done.

Hey @Revolution

What I do is set both clicks to do the same thing. So on click 1 open the DIV on click 2 open the DIV.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has anyother tricks for that.

Hope this helps


Thanks @AlexN

I was over complicating it.

it seems - it you don’t add a 2nd click… the element responds like a single click.

So link 1 shows the DIV… link 2 hides the DIV.

There are no 2nd clicks for either link… thus they both singles clicks.

Thanks again :smile:

In the past - I’ve complained about this 2nd interaction issue.

This must have been a quiet fix / update from Webflow.

i thought .(before) - if you didn’t assign a 2nd click.

the interaction “did nothing” - but still required that you “do the 2nd click”.

now. if you don’t assign a 2nd click - you don’t have to do the 2nd click.
it responds like a single click.