One checkbox never works properly


In the above you will notice all of the checkboxes “tick” no matter where you click within the blue area of the checkbox BUT…the last one “St George Bank” does not function this way unless I click on the checkbox specifically.

I’ve made something similar to this a few times and I can never get all of my checkbox’s to work properly, there is always a problem with one and this one I cannot figure out why - it’s literally copied from the rest of them and I’ve checked every little thing I can think of to ensure they are created the same.

Is this a bug??

Here is the read only version of what I’ve made:

Hi @Boris

Thanks for posting about this.

It looks like your preview link has expired. Can you re-generate that please?

Also, it sounds like the checkboxes being selected all have the same value and group name. You’ll need to add a unique value to each checkbox in the settings in order for the checkboxes to be selectable separately from one another. You can learn more here:

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