One button filter

Hi all, I have a question:

I want my filter to be just 1 button that filters on one specific collection item.

So for example out of a collection with items [x,y,z] I make a button that when activated shows only the fields with reference x. In this case it’s about button “anywhere”

I tried doing it with JetBoost, but it makes a button for all the items [x,y,z] that can’t be hidden individually.

Does anyone have a solution?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Copy of Board

Are you referring to inside a specific cms item?

You can setup a conditional visibility that shows it to show or not show based on a field inside the cms item.

Is this what your meaning?

Let me know if that works,


hi @Austin_Skillings as you trying to filter ALL CMS items the easiest way is to use attributes filter

Hi Austin,

Thanks for your reply. I want to exclude all other items except for this one. I also tried setting up a conditional visibility but if I set one up for “anywhere” the entire button disappears.