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OnCLick does not work in this interaction


I have a red and green button. OnClick red button a div block (modal) shows. OnHover green button the div block (modal) also shows. A close button inside the modal closes it.

OnHover (green button) works fine. OnCLick (red button) does not.

It seems very simple. I just can’t get the OnClick to work.


I see nobody has answered. I spend 10mn yesterday on it and couldn’t find… while I was sure If I did it from scratch it would work. Did you figured it out?

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for investigating. I haven’t found it yet either. Will report though if I have.


Seems to work for me:

@thesergie In your screen cast you click the red button to hide the grey modal. Clicking the red button should show the grey modal.


If found it. I had a Hide Modal interaction set on the Body (don’t ask why…). Apparently that was blocking the Show Modal interaction that is set to the red button. I can’t explain why. But they seem to conflict. Is it because the red button is actually a transparent div block so both conflicting interactions are fired resulting in nothing?


Yep @MartinB, you are correct. Both body and button click events were firing at once. Perhaps in the future we might consider separating the clicks for nested elements, to avoid confusion.