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Onboarding Modal

Hey guys,

Looking to see if anyone has been able to create an onboarding experience like the one in this snippet:

Also, is it possible to add an embed for this to only display once per IP? I’m not sure how the process goes for typical onboarding.

Any ideas would be very helpful.


What is the aspect of it that would be a problem with Webflow? The popup part or the tabbed UI part?

Both are very achievable. The tabbed UI part can be simply a tab widget. As for a popup, you can design an element, position it on top, hide it, and make it appear with an interaction based on scroll or on click or on load…

All of this without a single line of code…

Hey @vincent,

I want to be able to limit the modal to once per IP. The plan is to create an onboarding experience for the initial page load only and not every time the page loads.