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On The Mend Therapies - a webflow site

Well after months of playing with Webflow and many many forum questions, I thought it was time to put up something I’ve worked on recently.

It’s quite simple, but I thoght it would be a good opportunity for me to refresh an older site I did for a friend while trying out some new tricks with javascript and webflow. Seems to work quite nicely!

I’ve got a few more on the go that are a lot more complex - coming soon :wink:

Thanks to the Webflow community for your help


Cool Site! Loving the interactions. How did you get the navbar to shrink on scroll?

Thanks! It’s a secret :wink:

No, I basically used this tutorial here :
and hacked it a little bit to do what I wanted. Create a section in your header, drop in an Embed and the code, and you’re good to go.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah sweet site! Thanks for sharing!