On Smartphone View the browser creates automatically a link

when i publish the side, it creates automatically a link on the smartphone view to my added phone number. I don´t want that. In addition the link is on one line, instead of two lines. The right side, is as i want it. See screenshot. How can i fix that, does anybody hav a solution?
Thank You!


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This is a feature of the operating system of some phones which is beneficial to the user. You should be able to address this by actually using a tel link for site phone numbers.

If you had body text that had them and you did not want auto linking to occur you could use this meta tag <meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">but in most cases you should not choose to overriding a device default if possible.

Thank you, that fixed it!

Hey Jeff :slight_smile:

Like you said, in general, this is a great functionality. In my case, I only have one instance / one class for which I would like to disable this. Do you have an idea of how I can disable the automatic creation of a phone hyperlink for one class only (as opposed to the entire site)?

That would be fantastic! :pray:t4: