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On scroll interactions on modal

So I have a problem here with modals. I cannot figure out how to make scroll based interactions work inside the fixed but scrollable windows. I created a simple test to show what exactly I mean - the exact same structure and interactions do not want to play nice once placed inside modal and that’s that. Did anyone face this before? Appreciate any insights!

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Hi @dram,

At the moment scroll interactions only apply to elements having parent elements which are not set to scroll overflow.

This means, if you have content in a div, and the div is set to overflow scroll, then the scroll based interactions will not work at the moment on the content inside of that div that scrolls.

I hope this helps

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I see. So that’s by design. Is that likely to be changed in the future or should I forget about this for the time being?

Thank you for clarifying!

Hi @dram, thanks, well this is likely to be that way for awhile, I could not give you a timeline or possiblity for this, but it is a good idea for the wishlist:

For now, I would look at other ways to trigger the interactions, perhaps by using a button, or put your content into sections under the body and allow the content to scroll relative to the body with no scroll overflow styling set.

I hope this helps.

I am afraid this is a very rare use of interactions and I doubt many people will be enthusiastic about something as obscure as this. The WF team would be better off concentrating on way more important things like getting new interactions polished :wink:

Thank you for your time, Dave!