On pricing and “collaborators with Designer (admin) access” again

Let’s admit that good pricing consists of three basic components: good value, good price and clear explanation. After this lengthy pricing research on behalf of Webflow, it seems they are completely stuck.

As far as clarity is concerned - they have not even produced a basic mockup of how the new pricing is to look like. This brings confusion. Worse yet, this is a missed opportunity for elicitng feedback on the new pricing page layout.

But my point is aboit the value offered. While there are a lot of comments expressing concerns about the price extent already, I feel the quality offered for this price is not as good as it could be, too. I mean the “collaborators with Designer (admin) access” feature in particular. (Details here: An overlooked aspect of pricing - "collaborators with Designer (admin) access").

This is a feature which would greatly enhance the speed of production. It is a win-win situation - Webflow users would be able to produce sites faster, clients would be happy with speed and Webflow would stay true to its mission of making web design easier and would have an additional rationale for increased prices. This feature would help natural, word-of-mouth advertising of Webflow, as well. It could also be an additional income stream if Webflow decide to charge per additional collaborator.

In all cases, it remains utterly incomprehensible to me, for what reason only the most expensive plans should allow adding admin-access collaborators. There’s nothing to lose if this was possible on all plans, while there’s much to be gained, as described above.

Webflow display some really bizarre (and unproductive, in terms of marketing) approaches - e.g. the common page/ items limitations, this lack of admin-access collaborators on every plan, the lack of site transfer on every plan, even the new “Hobby plan” naming… (This last thing is actually quite disturbing. It reveals ignorance of the target audiences. People managing a small number of sites are not necessarily hobby enthusiasts. They could be fresh freelancers instead, just beginning their activity with an initially small number of clients. And hobbyists are not a special target of Webflow, anyway, are they?)

Webflow, please consider the (dire) need for flexible and affordable admin-access collaborators feature. It could only benefit your sales.

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