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"On Page Load" and "Mouse Move Over" Interaction interfering with each other

This is what I want to happen:

  • The “Mountains” in the background animate in from the bottom
  • After they are loaded in, the “mouse move over element” interaction should move the mountains

Now, if I try this with a “Page Load” interaction applied to the individual “mountains”. And a second, “mouse move” interaction on the same “mountains”, the Page Load animation does not trigger properly.
My work-around has been to have two instances of the mountains, one with the “page load” and one with the “mouse move” interaction applied. The first one changes to display:none after the first interaction finishes, and the second one changes to display:block.

It works kind of like I want it to. But, is there a more clean or elegant solution? Something where I don’t have to copy anything? The hero nav animation is also kind of choppy

Thanks for reading and for your reply!

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Hi @henrymcgillis,

do you have any solution for that? I have the same problem now :confused:

Agreed – it’d be great to figure out a solution here, any ideas? I’m having the same issue