On-page links not working

Hello together,

Heres my current project:

none of my on-page links works. (like the navigation-topics as well as the go-to-top arrow at the end of each page) it started to not work when i added the interaction-settings.

Can you help me?
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Hi @JasminJacobs, thanks for the post, welcome to the community.

The reason this is happening is because the links are setup to scroll to sections on the page, however the sections you are scrolling to are nested within an content section having absolute position, I would reset the position from absolute to relative or static for the following class and element:

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I hope this helps

Dear @cyberdave
yeah it works,
thanks a lot for your fast help!

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Hey there,
I was about to say the same, I also facing the same Problem from last few days but after wonderful support from @cyberdave My issue is resolved check my page towatchnba