On click closing other cards


trying to figure out one issue. I have slider with cards and each card have trigger button to show more content. And i need with click on button to close the previous card before the new is open.

so if someone have any links or ideas how to do that pls share


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Hi @Patrik_Fiala

You’ll have to put all them in the same interaction list. One will have open, all others will close. Add the trigger button as the parent. Add the content wrapper as a child. Then it will only be one interaction, instead of multiple per button.

Hi @Patrik_Fiala here is another solution so you have something to chose from. I’m using a few lines of javaScript to achieve this functionality, all is explained in video :wink:

Hi @garymichael1313
thanks for the reply! anyway I still have issues that if I want to target within one interaction same target - class. e.g. want to first hide all the elements with same class and then I want to have action show only childs with that element it always changes to same class affect in whole interaction

@Stan was about to try your solution, shame youve deleted it :confused:

hi @Patrik_Fiala I have put it back.

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thanks man! very helpful solution. Did some adjustment but it works :pray:

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Jsem rad ze ti to pomohlo a funguje to. :partying_face: