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On canvas class labels bleeding off the canvas


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Please share a read only link when looking for assistance. Topic moved to “Design Help -> Layout”

Hi, thanks for picking this up.

You are welcome to a share link ( but I believe this more an issue with the Webflow UI rather than my project or a need for any design help - hence filling it under bugs. I get similar issues with the new style panel where expanded sections bleed off the bottom of the page and are inaccessible.


I looked at your issue since you shared a link. This is a bug or limitation on the way interface labels are shown on hover, for items butted up to the designer canvas right side.

I am pushing this back into the Feedback->Bugs category as a result.

@Lindapham - Can you look into this please?

Many thanks for looking into it :+1:

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