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Old Home SEO still visible

The SEO short info for old home page shows up when sharing website on Twitter (etc).

Project Link


Any idea why this is?

Please add your site link and the project share link.

Is it just when you are sharing it or when anyone shares it?

Hey @WebDev_Brandon,
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@andreswaby please add your project share link as well?

Project link added.

@andreswaby, thats a new one to me. I do not see anything about NDA in any of your OpenGraph SEO fields. Why it shows up when you share it is weird.

Let me see what I can find out.

Exactly, that’s boggling me too.

I removed info from open graph and SEO and even saved the NDA page as draft and docked it in a folder so I don’t know why it’s still showing up in links.

I have sent it out to some other moderators to get their feedback. Waiting to hear back now.

@mistercreate, @Waldo, @PixelGeek, or @Brando, you guys have any feedback on this issue?


It seems to have been resolved as I’m no longer seeing the old SEO info when I tweet.