OG info not showing up, Facebook tab shuts on its own

Hey there! We are experimenting with Webflow and have a few issues:

  1. We have uploaded an image to the Asset Library and used the image URL for the OG image. But when we tried sharing it on Facebook and Twitter (via clicking on our social media icons the site), neither the OG title, OG description nor the OG image show up. How do we fix this?

  2. When we click on our Facebook icon, and press the “post” button, we get a message saying “Please close this tab to continue”, before the tab quickly closes on its own. Is that how it’s suppose to be? The only way we can see what we posted is to then go back to Facebook.

Thanks so much.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @skinpores

I believe this is due to a problem in your domain name/dns. The site can not be reached.