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[og:image] Wrong URL on dynamic pages

Hi guys,
I’ve added my image that facebook will use as og:image url and it works on my index page. But when I try to post for example my category page or other page (except Items page, because I set different OG:tags for it) there are no image shown. I checked on facebook debugger tool and it seems that webflow doesn’t properly write the og:image link on the source code. On home page my og:image looks like this:

meta property=“og:image” content=“

but inside each dynamic page (categories for example) it looks like webflow changes link to

meta property=“og:image” content=“http.//

After http instead colon it inserts full stop…
Please fix this :slight_smile: grinning:

Hi @Spoonk

can you give us a read-only link please?

Of course @PixelGeek. Here you are: . Thanks :slight_smile:

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