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OG:Image won't render on first share because of missing height / width fields

I was having troubles with my links not displaying correctly when shared the first time on Facebook. The image that’s part of the site won’t display at all until the second time someone shares it.

In Facebook’s own Link Sharing FAQ they state images might not render on the first share because it’s being cached and processed on that first pass. To get around this, we need to use the og:image:height and og:image:width parameters, but Webflow does not let us input those in the OG settings.

A way around it is to enter those metatags into the custom script fields, but that’s a shoddy solution I feel. Please let us input it in the settings or fetch it from the image itself.

Hey hey, @Fonsume!

This is a great question.

Adding additional og tags in the custom code settings is completely okay. You don’t need to worry about that being a shoddy solution, as there are a lot of Webflow users inserting additional meta tags in their custom code fields on their projects.

​Please let us know if you have any further questions or additional issues; we’re here to help.

​My best,

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