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Offset on scroll to ID (Anchor Point)

I’ve created the page linked down below, however i have a problem with the “scroll to section”.
I’ve created a Table of Content, right below the hero section, with links that scroll to certain page sections.

However heres the trouble: I need to make an offset on the scroll, so that the heading is visible, when the interaction is over. (If you click on “Storageløsninger”, it scrolls to the right section of the page, however the “Table of Content” is covering the heading. So i need an offset of 100 - 150px, so that the heading is visible).

I hope it makes sense! I appreciate all sort of guidance!

Here is my public share link:

Hello :slight_smile:

Remove the ID of ‘storagelosninger’ from the heading and give it to the ‘flc–underside-content-std’ div block that it sits in. That should solve the problem.

Hope this helps!

I will try it when i get home, i hope it works! Thanks!