Offer optimal multi-currency pricing pages in Webflow

Hey Webflow community,

I’m Jules, founder of, a tool meant to optimize your pricing for international sales (with Stripe). I recently got some interest from some Webflow agencies, and it led me to write a full tutorial article+video on offering multi-currency on a Webflow website.

Why multi-currency? Offering multi-currency when you’re selling a digital product has a major impact on sales. Charging in local currencies alone increase sales by 14% in targeted countries. Adapting price to each country’s purchasing power, increases sales in targeted by 28% on average(!).

Multi-currency in Webflow. Offering multi-currency is not easy. Sure plugins like Foxy allow you to have a cart and offer some currencies. It’s relevant for some e-commerce cases, but lacks customization options and has a major impact on your website’s design. With, you can offer multi-currency prices, buttons, switches, and payments without changing anything to your current design.

Offering multi-currency as a Webflow agency. If you’re a Webflow agency, multi-currency pricing can become a great extra service to add to offer. Pricery lets you either control the prices for your client, or can be transferred to your client for them to manage.

Here is a quick video tutorial of me installing Pricery to a demo Webflow website. I’m new to the Webflow space and realize that I lack a ton of features. But before building them, I’d like to make sure they’re actually useful to you. So all your feedback and feature requests is welcome. If you want to join the beta-test, don’t look at the current pricing page (it’s more a placeholder to demo the product than anything) and let’s talk! :wink: