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Off-page SEO Techniques query

If a particular website page is not getting indexed after working with the focus keyword, then which SEO -off technique should be use for better result.

I have used web2.0 promotion, Article submission, social bookmarking with High DA sites but still there is indexing issue.

Hello Steve,

Have you checked your sitemap.xml or robots.txt files? Is your page allowed for indexation there?
It is a common problem to forget to open an exact web page for indexation.

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Yes, I have checked the sitemap.xml or robots.txt files.
But still there is a indexing issue…

You don’t indicate which search engine you’re having an issue with. Google and Bing have respective webmaster tools to assist in determining issues.

Is the page part of the site internal link structure or external only?

If it is crawled and not showing up in the SERP’s, then you might have a quality issue or a penalty on that URL. Low-rank pages don’t necessarily show up in the SERPs. You can check to see if the page is in the Google index by searching keyword or “phrase”. The results should show pages from your site that are in the index that match keyword or phrase. The omission of modifiers will show all pages indexed.

Purely agreed with webdev. You should first check using site:site address in order to find if the page has been indexed or not. If you couldn’t find the page, you will need to reach to Google webmaster tool so that the page can be indexed.

Also, you can submit your desired page on web submission sites in order to submit it on Google and other Search Engines.

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