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Off Canvas Menu. Is it possible?

Hello there,

Is it possible to create an off canvas menu using the navbar element (or maybe a custom one)? I’ve searched the forum for this, but didn’t found anything.

Thank you!

By Off-canvas I think you mean off the centered container space?

Yes, there is. The Navbar widget comes with its three elements (brand, nav menu and menu button) already in a container. So even if you try to give this container some off canvas properties (like width 100%) it will stay centered and in canvas.

Move the three elements outside of it and delete it. Then you end up with a navbar that will expand from left to right, and you can do whatever with it.

Check this


Excellent! Thank you very much.

There’s also an option for the navbar called “Menu Type” on Settings Tab. The options are “over right”, “over left” and “dropdown”. Didn’t see that before, and even if that is not what I’ve looking for, it’s close enough. But I will take your advice for another proyect.

Thank you again :slight_smile: