oEmbed whitelisting?


We have our own iframe and we support oEmbed but we were wondering if you use the discovery feature (ie fetch the page and check if the oembed alternate is present like this https://oembed.com/#section4) or if you were using Embed.ly or if you have any internal whitelist?

Hi @joelg,

Can you please post the site Read-Only links, so that the community can take a look at your project and provide additional resources?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nita

So I forgot to mention that this is only concerning the Blog Posts of the CMS section

See screenshots:


Basically we have a custom iframe to embed fonts and it should work like any CodePen or Youtube video link.

For example, this a url that can work woth oEmbed:
And here is the oEmbed response https://oembed.fontself.com/?url=https://catapult.fontself.com/MEdLOEq/gilbert-color-bold-preview4

Here is a CodePen url that works:

Basically does Webflow has a whitelist or is using Embed.ly or parsing the metadata when using this “Paste a link to embed rich content” input?

@Nita So https://catapult.fontself.com/ urls are now white-listed by Embed.ly and work in the CMS section of Webflow.

Webflow is using Embed.ly in the end :slight_smile: