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Odd Scroll Behavior when in mobile


I’m currently working on a draft for a personal website.
When testing out the project using my devices, I’ve encountered something odd.

Even though there’s no problem at all with preview mode, whenever I load the page on my phone (Moto G5+) and try to scroll towards the Contact Session, the page gets stuck and doesn’t move past a certain point

I’ve done a lot of testing and wasn’t able to find the issue. Even disabled all animations but that didn’t help at all. It’s weird because it doesn’t happen when using an iPad or even the same phone on landscape mode.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Here is the live website version: LINK

The problem was fixed when making visible again a Horizontal Scroll section that was set to Display NONE.

I thought that when setting the display to none, a section wouldn’t have any impact on a page any longer.

I’ll leave this post up so you can guys can try it out if you want.

Which browser were you using?

Google Chrome. Then, I tested it out on a Samsung (With its default browser) and the problem persisted.

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