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Odd plugin error


I just got a new laptop running W7. Chrome is fully updated.

When using Webflow I get this odd box within the editor stating “This plug-in is not supported”. I can “hide the plug-in” and it goes away and everything seems to function just fine. When I inspect the element through Developer tools it points to:

embed id=“embed_npfido” type=“application/npfido” height=“0” class=“wf-empty” title=“undefined”

Any idea why I would start to see this? Any idea how to fix it?

Do you have any extensions in Chrome that could inject this?

Can you try using the designer tool in icognito mode?

@joachim, @PixelGeek - It looks like they added an extension NokNok Labs which is some Multifactor Authentication Client. I have disabled it and the issue is gone.

It did also go away when I was in incognito mode as well.

Thanks for your help.

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