Odd Even Collection items (blog posts) two different classes for each collection item

This is my first time using webflow to build a website. I’ve come across a layout request that seems impossible to build. Here is the link to what I’m trying to build.

Currently, I’ve used columns. Here’s the hierarchy. I’d really appreciate some help on this one, thanks! :blush:

That’s actually a layout that trips up even most intermediate designers, but it’s super easy to do if you know about two key ( but non-obvious ) features in Webflow;

  • Collection List even/odd/first/last state styling
  • Flexbox layout-reversals

Here’s how to do it;

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I can’t believe you recorded a whole video just to show me how it’s done :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:, Can’t thank you enough. Thanks very much! Really appreciate it.

I worked it out easily just using the Odd/Even Item Structure options! Thank you @memetican

You’re a gem. I’ll save this just incase I need it in the future