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Odd element placement on Moto G

On my Moto G, my site looks out of whack.

Public site:

I can’t reproduce this in the designer, even by dragging the sides in/out to adjust sizes.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @DragonDon, I took a look on Moto G 2nd Gen running android 5, and here is how it looks to me on the site:

When checking a Samsung Galaxy S3 running android 4.1, I start to see styling that is not handled by the browser so well:

It looks like there is something about the interaction set on the “Get Connected” text with the connect-animation, that the 4.1 android does not like.

When I removed the interaction on the Get Connected text, then the site appeared normal on android 4.1 Galaxy Samsung S3:

I hope this helps!

Well that is odd. It’s the exact same interaction on the ‘connect’ wording in the menu. Just re-used it on text. What would cause an interaction to mess with formatting?

I know I had to break up the text in order to target those words but even that shouldn’t have been an issue should it?

I played around with the elements and formatting them better on the page seems to have cleared up a lot of the issues. Thanks @cyberdave

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