Odd behaviour without modernizr.js

I’ve about 60 sites which are all pretty similar and have been running since Webflow started (just about). I’ve two versions of my site and the newer sites don’t use modernizr.js since Webflow phased it out. All was fine until last week when I noticed some sites had a small scroll when the page loaded (about 20px below a features bar). This only happened in IE11 and Edge browsers (Chrome was fine). Not a huge issue, but looked odd and even odder that it just started to do this out of the blue.

After some investigation it seems all the sites that started to do this didn’t have modernizr.js. So to fix I’ve added modernizr.js to these sites and now the in-page scroll has gone.

I realise there’s probably an issue with my code, which modernizr. js has been masking, but just thought it odd that the scrolling should suddenly start without any recent modifications. Maybe some Win update perhaps?

Anyone else encountered anything similar?

Horizontal scroll?
On the page? Or on specific elements?

Can you share a read-only link and a link to a published project?