Odd animated behaviour in Edge

Could someone help with a strange effect I am getting in Edge?

If you click the Workplace menu item, the dropdown appears, but when I click it a second time to close and box briefly flashes lower down the page. It’s fine in Chrome…

I can’t seem to figure out why.



Not sure if it will help, but have you tried recreating the interaction within interactions 2.0 and seeing if the Edge problem persists?

That’s a good point, I might try that. (Frankly I find the legacy interactions much easier!)

IX 2.0 is a bit daunting on the surface but after spending a decent amount of time with it I find it just as capable and much more intuitive overall. Definitely recommend you experiment with it whenever possible, especially for more complex animations.

I can’t speak on behalf of Webflow but my thought is that it will eventually be phased out so better to dip your toes in the water now.

Let me know if you run into any issues and I can walk you through creating the animation so you can run some tests in Edge.

Thanks Mike.
Yes, I have done a lot of interactions using 2.0, I just find 1.0 a tad more intuitive.