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Objects with Display None are triggering interactions

I though that objects with Display None should NOT trigger interactions that are set on those objects.

I have some objects in Mobile that will trigger different Interactions than in desktop.
I have set them to Display None on the desktop view, but they are still triggering the interaction. (they are set to trigger On Scroll Into View)

How can I make certain Scroll Into view triggers different on Mobile than On Desktop?
If they are set to Display None, then they shouldn’t trigger.
Is this a Bug?
Am I missing something?

Just change Trigger Settings on the interaction itself:

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 10.00.35 PM

Uncheck where you don’t want it to run.

I may have been Hasty in my description, because I found these settings afterwards.

Its not just for Desktop vs Mobile triggering.

I am trying to have 2 animation triggers that toggle back and forth.
The Idea is that there would be 2 Triggers: Forward, and Backward, that each trigger When Scroll Into View.

First Forward Trigger would be Display Block, and Backward Trigger Display None.
After Forward trigger completes it’s animation, it would set it’s own Display to None and then set Backward Trigger to Display Block. (The idea is that this would then trigger the backward animation.

And it could animation forward then backwards repeatedly.

I have some other uses for this same interaction, but it all relies on Display NONE objects not triggering the animation.

I believe Display None will get triggered because the HTML element is still part of the page structure. It’s just not being displayed by CSS. A JavaScript remove() function would completely remove it. But I don’t how that would work for you.

If you give your interaction at least 1% offset, then it won’t be triggered. But that will invalidate the entire interaction.

I’m shooting in the dark here. I don’t exactly understand how your interaction works. I’m logging out for today but if you share your read-only link then I’ll take a look over the weekend.