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Objects are Moving when Publishing

Hi everyone, hope everything is good.
So I have this problem.
Some elements (here the Here Video Header sections and the two buttons) are just right in the designer and the preview mode but after publishing it just moved.

Some elements also appear differently between the designer and the preview mode (for the 1920px and up device.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Thanks a lot guys for your support.

hi @maxabzt what do you exactly mean with moved? All I see is that you have for your Video Hero Info set different margin on each viewport. Beside that I can’t see any other movements.

For example for the page “l’agence” I put parallax movement on some pink bars, it looks great in the designer and the preview but only after publishing when I go have a check on the website everything some stuffs are just moving.

here to check : Nous sommes PHILEOG 11. Agence événementielle digitale à Paris

Thanks man for this.

hi @maxabzt you have add an animation and you are asking why is moving? I didn’t get that or do I miss the point what is your problem with underline animation to scale from 0 to 100.