Object fit to cover doesnt seems to work

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to use Object fit. I dont know what I am doing wrong.
I have follows all the instruction.
The image is set to 100% height and witdh and put at fit cover the parent div

But the image is not changing in size.

I have attached a picture
Thanks in advance
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Hi Walt, are you trying to make the image the background, behind the text?
If so, setting the background property on the containing DIV is likely want you want.

Im trying to make
-a 3 colums layout (with a grid)
-in each colums 3 element - an image - a heading and a paragraph
-for the image i have a wrapper and an image element
-this trouble is with the image element that doesnt seems to cover properly to the div wrapper
Thanks for you reply

Do you have a readonly designer link and a published site link?

Yes : Webflow - WALT's AS
does it work ?

Just to add an element when i turn the size of my div wrapper in px its seems to works but i m worry about the responsivness of my design after that …

Hey Memetican,
I wasn’t on it since the last day, i just see the video thanks you a lots,
It help to understand the logic and the relation with the parent element on flex that can help to center the image after for more biger one
Have a good week !
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