Object does not respond to Z Access in 3D animation

Please see the public link.
All child perspectives were set properly.
The “Floating Circle” div block is not moving on the Z axis.

What am I doing wrong?


I want the circle to rotate with the 3D wrapper.
The key element is the “Move” on the circle.

I want it to change Z axis height vs. the Wrapper plane during the animation and it does not comply.

Please see the Z Axis on the Move command of the floating circle in the screen shots attached:

Hi @Eli_Reifman could you try this, set the move transform on the z-index on the 3d wrapper class to 1px:

Does this help?

Yes!!! It works.
Can you explain the “science” behind it so I will know to avoid the issue next time?

Hi @Eli_Reifman, thanks, well we are actually still checking on that with the dev team to see if it is expected behavior, but it seems that it is about transform-style property, it gets value preserve-3d ONLY if such 3d-transform applied to the element in the style tab.

For now, add that to the style tab, I will update when I have more info.