Object behaving differently on homepage

In mobile view, on the homepage only, the logo is positioning itself differently (its higher up and touching to top) - cant figure out whats causing this - any ideas?



Hey @Stephanie

I mobile view you can add 10px margin to the top of the “logo-container” class see screen shot below:

This should give the logo some spacing in mobile view and stop it from hugging the top of the browser window :smile:

Thanks I have tried that but it is then affecting its position on all other pages. Strangely it only seems to be out of place on the homepage -there must be something about the homepage that is affecting it but im not sure what,

Ahhh I see the problem!

Because your affecting the class “Logo container” that has the “Current” class included because the “Logo container” element is linked to the homepage. This explains why the issue is only occuring on the homepage.

By removing the custom styling on “Logo container” Top margin and Top Padding it should return the position of the logo back to the middle of the navigation bar. Let me know if this helps!

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