Obfuscated Webfonts by lineto.com

We recently purchased licences for fonts from lineto.com. While trying to upload their webfont package using Webflows custom font manager we found that not all the fonts weights were showing and also that they were poorly mapped.

So we contacted lineto.com and explained the issue, their response was as follows:

Our web fonts are “obfuscated” by standard. That means information like font family name are hidden. Usually this does not matter, as the grouping of webfonts is done by the web designer in the stylesheet via “font-family” anyway. I’m afraid the downside is, that this causes issues in apps like webflow that rely on font data for their display purposes.

They have no solution for this right now but are working on something which could take time.

What would be the best way to work around this within Webflow, where I’m still able to take advantage of a style guide that uses these fonts and the font selection feature in Webflow?

Many thanks in advance.