Number of bugs, post recent update

  1. When Adding a background to a div, and then adding a color layer, the color layer doesn’t appear just another background image, regardless of if you switch to gradient, radial or solid.

  2. Sticky doesn’t work at all.

  3. Margins on content nested in a grid cause the objects bounding box to not be flush to the grid, i.e look like they have negative margin.

Happy to chat about this more.

Navigate to the collection template - landing-1 or landing-2 image block in there
Here is my site Read-Only:
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Are you using CMS data? If so please bear in mind the following:

you can find this info here:

Have you checked this resource:

and lastly, can you explain a little bit more about your 3rd point please? Screenshots, videos, etc help a lot to provide solutions and speed up the process as well.

Hey you we’re right with regards to the image issue, I had to create a floating div for the overlay.

I understand how to use sticky however it’s still not working in preview.

And lastly here is a screenshot of the the grid issue. there is no margin or positioning for form-container. however the bounding is saying it’s outside the grid.

EDIT: Found another new bug, scroll to section not working (body is not set to hidden or any custom code, works in ff and safari.

Hi @bennraistrick ,

Are these issues still occurring if you remove all of your custom code from the site settings and the HTML embeds that are on the page? It may be worth making a backup and trying this to eliminate it as a possibility.

If you could share a screencast of the sticky issue that would be great as I’m unable to reproduce the issue locally. Which element are you having trouble with?

Just to add, your site uses a lot of custom code in your settings and in the HTML embeds, which is not validated so can often cause unexpected issues (as I’ve found out the hard way! :grimacing: which is why I recommend removing it to test).

Same with this…

Found another new bug, scroll to section not working (body is not set to hidden or any custom code, works in ff and safari.

…If you could share some more details, it would really help us to try and debug your site. Stuff like which pages/elements the issues are on too :pray:

Hi Removed all the js and custom code and I still have the same issues. Will try get a screen cast done, all the custom code is just analytics and is pretty standard, I don’t see why any of it would affect things.

Either way did a full cleanse and still having problems.

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