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:nth-child(even) targeting

Hi, I am trying to achieve an offset look on the images below with the following code, but unfortunately it moves the whole block not just every second element.

@media only screen and (min-width: 1200px) 
{ .projekt__bildwrapper:nth-child(even) 
{ margin-top: -5vw; } }

hi @Noethi I have checked your live page and your left images are shifted down. What is the problem? Be aware that WF preview mode is not reliable source to check if everything works. Always go to live preview (published site).

Thanks for the quick response! U see the project itself, but I sent a link to the project detail page.

Hi @Noethi I have extracted live from your link to see how works published site from reasons I have described above.

I have also check your code and you have your <style> placed in Before </body> tag is there any reason for that? Usually styling should be placed in Inside <head> tag

No there is no reason for this. But I want still only the picture on the detail page in offset like the projects on the homepage

hi @Noethi your project detail images are shifted so I do not understand what you asking for.

Only I see that you are using background images on projects preview (and slide in link to project) and in project detail you are using image it self as an element. Thats all fine and I really do not know what you trying to achieve.