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Now during these Corona Covid-19 times, I have some clients who can't afford hosting with Webflow as it is too expensive for them

Now during these Corona Covid-19 times, I have some clients who can’t afford hosting with Webflow as it is too expensive for them. So for some I have had to delete their website. But I have seen that it is much cheap to host if you have a Worpress site, and host with eg. So I thought if anyone in here can show me how to export a Webflow site over to a Wordpress site. Is there a tutorial lesson out there, from the beginning to everything is over on the Wordpress site. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi, has a great website converter from Webflow to Wordpress, which you might find helpful.


But that cost money :sleepy:

Is there is no tuition for free on how to export a Webflow site over to Wordpress, because costs money

Maybe export your Webflow site and host it without Wordpress for now. Is their business not able to do online sales at all? Perhaps instead of taking the time to move the website, spending that time sending out some cold emails to drum up some business for them will enable them to keep their Webflow site going.

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At the moment it is an artist .

  • But what I miss here is a tutorial video on how to do it. That’s actually what I’m asking for.

Can nobody help me here in Webflow forum?


I found these tutorials:

I hope they help.

Another option, which would be much easier for you - would be to download their website to a cheap hosting service - if they can afford about $5 month.


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Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Fantastic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Download which website?

I believe PixelPanda is talking about exporting your website to get the HTML, CSS, Javascript and then uploading it to a cheap hosting provider.

Ok. Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

You can export your sites and host them somewhere that’s either free or extremely cheap. Like Netlify or Firebase for example.

Yes, that is what I meant. :slight_smile:

Thank you jackwabbit.

Teresa - PixelPanda

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Price is the only problem with Webflow.
For example, I can host a Wordpress website with SSL, etc. for less than $70 CAD/year (currently they have a special price of $10 CAD/year).

I’m thinking to switch to Webflow right now, but it would cost me $270 CAD and I’m not a business. Only someone who want to get a clean personalized website with CMS for blog and image gallery.

If only Webflow was half the price. I wouldn’t care to pay $100-125 CAD a year.

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I totally agree with you? Why is it so expensive to host a website with Webflow? - and especially now in these Corona times when so many people lose jobs and companies go bankrupt … Yes, I don’t understand …

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But why is Webflow so expensive with the Hosting? since others can offer 10 times cheaper hosting?
I pay very much only to use it to develope a site, and when I have finished a website, then it is hosting price which is so extreme expensive for my client.

I can assist you with transition to a cheap Hoster. I can even host you if you want, cause we got a managed VPS in Germany. And I have a udesly account. strong text

Hi SliceMedia! - but our customers want to update their website themselves. And you can’t do that if you make the entire webflow site into html

It often depends on what you mean with update and what needs to be updated, with udesly you convert the whole webflow project into a Wordpress theme, but yesterday I tried setting it up with the Frontend editor on udesly and for some reason it alle became buggy, so I don’t really got the hang of it. You can send me an email if you want to discuss further:

It’s more expensive because it’s managed. Webflow does the bug tracking for you. They provide you very good CDNs and AWS hosting. Webflow cost less to maintain. We have a bunch of clients on Wordpress ( from previous dev ) and on top of their cheap hosting that doesn’t grant them the best performance out there, we charge them for monthly maintenance ( about 60€ / site / month ). When you really want a secured Wordpress you may want to add Sucuri :

A Wordpress can really become expensive at a certain scale, I’ve seen other agencies billing 450€ / month just for Wordpress site monitoring and maintenance.

But in a case of a small website, all those issues are more manageable I reckon. That’s why Webflow is more appealing to agencies who want to provide websites with no maintenance cost and only bill for website design or more logic. But at the end it’s not that expensive. About 16€ a month that’s as much as a phone plan. Though your phone plan doesn’t grant you new clients or authority on the web.