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Now adding images, from Italy, through the Asset Manager is terribly slow

HELP :flushed:

for a picture of 9,8 KB a long long time to upload!!!

Here in Italy, from two points, work and house and I have a fast connection and never had problems before.

Look at the video in here please, for 7,8 KB:

Can you post the original image you’re trying to upload here?

here it is… it’s 9,87 KB…

and this is for a picture of 606 KB that I uploaded in this post in one or two seconds… super fast

but look how slow it’s throught the asset manager…

The screenshot you’ve shared shows your download speed. Could you post the upload speed instead? Download speed won’t help you upload pictures.

It’s something about the asset manager, I supposed, just because I have a good upload speed as I show you here that it’s about 3 mega bps in a casual place near Los Angeles and I never had delays in uploading pictures to webflow before today:

I did also another test casually: a picture about 412 KB uploaded thought the “asset manager” and the same picture (with another name) same size, through drag and drop… Look the difference in here:

That’s only a little bit slow, IMO. A 412 KB pic is 3296 Kb. If your upload speed is around 3000 Kb/sec. It should take around 1.1 seconds to upload your picture.

VITALIGENT did you saw the videos?
Don’t take the speed test for guaranteed or do mathematical calculations of probability.

In the video is quite clear over to my written explanation that the file of 412 kbs is loaded in 35 seconds through the asset manager, and with drag and drop the same file of 412 kbs charges in approximately 3 seconds.

It is not a small difference, but a big important difference, and before today I had never had any difficulty uploading images on my sites and it’s not my time through the net to upload files.

I have the same behavior from France here. Uploading 18 SVG from 4 to 10ko and it takes 5 - 10mn, slowing down webflow.

Edit: it’s actually slowing down Chrome :slight_smile: Slowing down in the sense of a webflow site in another tab, self hosted or on .io, has jiggy animations.

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Hi all we’re currently working on a fix for this and hope to get it out soon. It’s related to the loading animation and not the actual network speed underlying.

I’ll reply here when it’s live.

Thanks! and sorry for the inconvenience. :whale2:


thank you very much. . . :smiley:

The asset manager will be a great tool when it works properly.
Seems to have several small problems.
Sometimes crashes as in the image below, without loading anything:

And other annoying artifacts that occur from time to time in addition to the main problem of slowness in loading the images on the server and so on.
I read that you are working on the possibility to delete images that are not needed in the asset manager.
Thank you.

I suspected that, because what happened when I uploaded 18 files, they instantly appeared in the asset panel, then, 3 by 3, had the loading animation for about a minute each.

I’m also having some issues with the new Asset Manager. Slow uploading images are one of them.
Another one is the impossibility to delete unused images…And, last but the most anoying… If I upload an image, see that needs some correction outside webflow, save it again in Illustrator (e.g.) and then upload the same image (using the same name) doesn’t rewrite de previous one. It just stuck and I have to reload the page or upload another random image so that only then, I can reload the image…

Some fixes went live today.

  • slow uploads (animation) and other optimizations
  • upload button getting stuck and otherwise behaving badly.
  • dragging directly onto canvas

I hope that helps! :dolphin:

Great @YoavGivati thank you! It seems to work (:

I love the new sorting icons! Thanks a ton for listening!


I tried to upload a large image, and It seems to work well; as soon as I can I try it better and meanwhile thanks for your support and I look forward to your updates of this amazing program that I was looking for a long time. +1

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