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Novice to Webflow - edits on website editor not showing up on mobile


We had our website designed by a freelancer who does not seem to be very well versed in designing with Webflow for some reason. We are novices and barely understand website design so are left stuck with a situation that we cannot resolve ourselves. When we make edits to the front end ( via the website editor) those edits are not updated on the website in mobile devices. Does any one have an idea what may be the issue here? - these are mostly edits done to texts.

A secondary question is, what are the typical skills we will need to ask for if we want to find a really good and professional individual to help us maintain our site going forward.

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Hello @WebflowNov

Editor changes not display only for mobile devices? That’s strange. You need to publish the edits manually, but I think you knowing this.

Can you share the website URL?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Yes they are always being published.

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Very strange…Only to mobile devices :thinking: Maybe @Brando can help here.

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HI @WebflowNov, I think I know the answer. What might happen is that the designer who built the site is using separate codes for the mobile and desktop design. When you edit content you are changing only on desktop design. That is why the problem is happening. And the answer to the second question is that we can chat and the work and if we think that we both are a good fit then we can work together. Thanks.

If he uses separate codes I think he will use media queries or something related to the styles. I think content changes are not connected with style changes. Just maybe :thinking:

Maybe he is using one element for desktop and another element for mobile with display none. I don’t know…

Hey @PiterDimitrov, hope u r well. What I am saying is that if someone use two element like footer desktop and footer mobile what will happen. When u r editing the site u r editing in desktop view and the mobile view is not there. For that only the footer desktop is edited not the footer mobile.


Hey man, yes I was thinking the same and that’s why I edited my comment :smile: Maybe that’s the problem.

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Hi @WebflowNov

Thanks for posting. And thanks for chiming in to help @PiterDimitrov and @Moshfequr9.

I think you are on to something @Moshfequr9 but it’s hard to say for sure without seeing the project.

@WebflowNov we can verify this if you are able to share your Read-Only link here:

I also strongly recommend checking out the Webflow University, if you’ve not already. We have full free courses that will give you a ton of great information about how to use Webflow.

These specifically may help: