Novice to Webflow and Web Building Requires Tutor

Thank you for reading this.
I am a complete an utter novice in Web Design and building a website. Therefore after a lot of research I have chosen Webflow .
I need a tutor!!
I tried to follow the first two tutorials but with no success as they assume I have a basic knowledge which I don’t.
So are there some kind patient souls who can help me please?
Thank you in advance.

Hey Mark,

Welcome to Webflow forums! :smiley:

Specifically, can you make a list of everything you need help with?

Many thanks,

P.S Check out this visual web design cheat sheet for beginners

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I need to replace my website which was built from a template in flash by a friend but now not opening on certain browsers and is not responsive I am told.
I need about five pages which are:-

  1. Radio Stations
  2. URL listings for radio streams
  3. Link to Mobile app
  4. Contact
  5. About

If possible I would like to integrate the radio stations into the Website with a choice for each browser rather than players.

I would also like a control panel to make changes to the radio stations and add new stations.

The need for this due to changes by Chrome and Safari.

Hi @_Mark

You’ll need some WF practice in order to build this kind of site with Webflow.

You can also build the same kind of animations (with the micro etc…) with webflow interactions.

Not sure I understand this : [quote="_Mark, post:3, topic:38512"]
If possible I would like to integrate the radio stations into the Website with a choice for each browser rather than players.

You can build a control panel to change the radio stations and add new stations using Webflow CMS.

I can help you with this.


Thank you Balise I would like to take up you offer.

In regard to the problem with Chrome please would you read

At the moment my audio gallery use different branded music players

I was thinking that we would change on the new intergrated audio gallery the buttons to players but as I write this maybe would be easier to change the streaming software to shoutcast 2.

After everyones help on the web and on the Crowdcast I have found a tutorial that has enabled me to get a better understanding of Webflow.

Thank you.

I hope this answers your question.


Hello Blaise, May I ring you tonight at 9.00pm my time tonight Friday.

I was wondering if you would like to rebuild my Audio Control Panel and Audio Gallery?

Also I would like to build someing like this using Webflow

I think as I understand from emails with webflow I transfer my website to my server but If I keep a copy on there website I can have the CMS have I understood this correctly?



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