Notifying Users on Certain Browsers

Because of some ~experimental~ design on my site, there are some very obvious optimization issues in most browsers other than Google Chrome. Is there a way to create a pop-up notification that only appears to users not using Google Chrome, so I can politely direct them to the correct browser?

I found through another post on the forum, but it doesn’t look like it supports the notification of users using ALL versions of a browser, only outdated versions.

What features are you using that other browsers don’t support? For things like this I tend to use Then you can check for exactly the feature you’re using, rather then trying to rely on browser name and version.

I would load modernizr in the head of the page, use the JavaScript API to check for the features you are using and if the browser doesn’t have them, show a modal alerting the user.

It’s not necessarily that I have features that aren’t supported, but my site uses a lot of legacy interactions to achieve the effects I wanted and is very laggy on Safari and Firefox, although it runs smoothly on Google Chrome. If you want to see, you can visit my site here. I’ll check out the website you suggested though!