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Hey Team,

I’m trying to create a unique navigation and I’m struggling. See below:

I’m trying to make this, and I’ve been able to do so. I guess my question is this: The navigation section is overtop the hero. Which means that you cannot edit/select the text. Does this matter? Is there a better way to great this look?

Here’s my share link: Click here

Hey Kevin. I would say, just as a visitor of the website this is probably not a big deal as long as it doesn’t drive you crazy as an editor. I would say that if you wanted, you could simply split this into three containers, so it would look like this in the editor:

That way, you still achieve your desired layout and everything is still accessible. Hopefully this makes sense. Also, I’m obsessed with the colors you chose for this. Looks awesome.

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Oh man, that makes perfect sense! :man_facepalming: I’m glad you like it, I’m hoping all my future leads do too.

Follow-up question for you: Is there any value in having the navigation in one element (navigation div)? Or does the search engine not care at all?


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