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Not visible on mobile

Everything seems to be working fine on my site, everything i want visble is visible on mobile and tablet versions but when i actually enter the site on my phone everything doesn’t show, im not sure as to what i missed. Thanks for any help.

Hey @humanandcompany

Works perfectly here on both Chrome and Safari (i’m on Iphone 7).
Have you tried incognito mode ? Maybe a cache issue on your side ?
Hope this helps

oh wow really? how about under the “our tasks” tab, are all the boxes visible when you scroll down?

@humanandcompany it looks exactly like this

And when u open the nav bar and click on “our tasks” could I see what shows? Again thanks so much for your help

Sure @humanandcompany there it is

Yea that’s my problem. There are supposed to be white boxes as u scroll down and can’t figure out why it won’t show.

Hi @humanandcompany, it looks like on the published site, it may be due to the modal poupup interaction which is setting the initial state of the word module class to 0% opacity:

The modal pop interaction is set to page scroll, but is disabled on mobile views:

I hope this helps

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