Not sure what is happening for my clients here//Odd Screen Responsiveness Issues

Hi All,

I have a bit of a conundrum, and I am getting some odd “squishing” or narrowing happening – but only for my clients. They’re using Google Chrome on a 13" DELL laptop, at 1920x1080. Default windows settings.

The website shows up like this:

Which at first, it seemed I overlooked the laptop size, or there were some issues at that breakpoint. I fixed it, and sent it back, and they’re still having this issue. It’s not showing up for me on my 13" MacBook nor is it showing for me on any other screen. Or for my boss, on his 16" MacBook. Just my clients seem to have this problem.

Now, I can replicate this problem by going to the corner of the window and dragging the window up the screen about a quarter to a third of the way up, effectively narrowing it. Then it looks the same as it does for my clients.

I don’t get it. They have an ordinary laptop, yet it seems to be acting as if its got some screwball aspect ratio or its an ultra-wide or something.

What do I do?

I am really at a loss here. Is there a way to optimize for Ultra-Wides that might help? I really do need to get my clients to see what I see, and see this website properly.

here is the read-only:


And here is the staging site link:
Staging Site

Please let me know what you can find out, thank you, your help is much appreciated here

Do they have their browser zoomed in? I was able to replicate in my own browser zoomed in at 150%. They should be able to zoom out by holding Ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel.

Yeah they were at 100% zoom. They finally got it to look normal at 70% zoom. I switched the background image dimensions from px to % and it seemed to take care of the problem. At least, I haven’t heard anything negative back, so fingers crossed.

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