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Not showing all social icons

This is the page I’m testing:

On Chrome it shows the sharethis icon!HAs12LLb!09EjM15QFBTZDxKZOI0DcirY-yh3VQbj_gP14m42CF4

but on Firefox it doesn’t.!rFkSmQJB!np6DHXnh3dp-ycOM-xl6zN8A62LvyqqX07gVY6lC-8I

Also, you can see on my sharethis config!rddSQRyR!g22RX7vjUUnalsJiZWwaNxXgZFwjDTbWr4YiKm40Niw

that I should be seeing the pinterest icon as well, but I can’t see it in either of the browsers.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is my site Read-Only:

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