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Not Scrolling to very bottom of page on mobile devices

Hi Team :slight_smile:

For some reason once published it refuses to scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

I tested this on both ‘blisk’ and I my clients Samsung. Same result, bounces up and down when getting near the bottom. I removed the sections in question just to check and same thing, wont reach the bottom of the page. You help is appreciated.

Please see my Shared Link:

Regards Saff

Hi Saff, can you share the published site too so we can see the bouncing behaviour?

Thank you Mark, please new shared link:

Hi Mark, sorry, please see below:

Yea that’s odd. My guess is it’s something to do with the scroll animation on the mobile nav menu. If you disable that does it still do it?

Yes, I removed the scroll nav and yes still it’s playing up :frowning:

Also this ‘scroll nav’ feature is also active on tablet, but all good there.

If you’ve disabled the whole mobile nav menu and all of the bottom sections and it still does it then it must be a bug in Webflow. Can’t see any reason why it would do that based on the elements you have included. I’d try submitting it as a bug so WF staff can take a look.

Thanks Mark, appreciated.

Hi Mark, any feedback from the WF team on this ?

Sorry I think you misread my comment. I meant if I were you, I would try submitting it as a bug and see if WF can help further.

Oh I see, Thank you.