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Not receiving form submission emails to my email

Hi there

My form submission notification emails wont send to my email but send to other email addresses that I put in. I have read that your servers block role based email addresses and have also seen that you can put email addresses on the “allowed list”. Please do the same for me.

Many thanks.

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@William_Souter - Welcome to the forum. FYI: This forum is not an official support channel for support. While it happens sometimes I strongly recommend you open a trouble ticket. There is a link to support at the top of this page.

Thanks mate! I tried their support and they said that i must change the name of my email to a non role based email. I mean come on, surely not.

If that is the case just create a unique alias that is not commonly used.

Its not exactly the solution Im after. All the mails come into the single address, now i have to keep track on ANOTHER fricking email address. MY oath.

I personally use with Webflow and have no such limitations plus anti-spam features and no risk of being unsubscribed.