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Not receiving form emails (G Suite related)

Hi, everyone.

My client is having a trouble I can’t fix and have no idea what is causing it.
He set his email (the one used at the form subscription) on G Suite and since then he no longer receives the forms submissions. He didn’t have that problem before setting his account on G Suite.

Does anyone know what could be causing it?

Without knowing how it was set up, we can’t provide any answers. Perhaps you can provide as much details as you can gather?

Here is my client’s testimonial:

I changed my business email (the one configured to receive the form submissions) to G Suite. From this moment on, the form messages started to be directed to my Spam Box and after a few days stopped being received at all. I do receive email from other senders, though.
I erased all MX records from my hosting panel to make sure there wasn’t trouble with G Suite.

I called Google and I was told it was a development issue, that I should edit the IMAP outbox so it would recognize Google as the way out.
I called the hosting provider. They accessed the website and made some tests on the forms. I was told to way 24h but nothing happened. I called again and they couldn’t solve it.

I talked to the designer who made the website and she made a test: she changed the form subscription email to (which is also set as G Suite) and I started receiving the submissions.

What was the last email’s content that was sent to the spam folder for