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Not possible to remove featured posts?

I have tried to remove highlighted/featured blog posts so that they are no longer highlighted, but it does not seem possible.

Have searched for the problem here on the forum and it looks like this is a well known bug that has been here for years. Correct?

Is there a good walk-around for this?

@robertfit - can you share your read-only link? You should be able to sort blog posts however you want, if there is a bug I’ve never heard of it.


Blog post: Hjemmetreningen som gir deg optimal fremgang

Not featured any more.

Date: 01/01/2020


Featured is on first
Date from newest to oldest

At the moment it’s blog post 11 on the blog page.

The article about diet soda “Så farlig er lettbrus” (09/04/2020) is post 16.

So even though I remove posts as featured, they still act like they are featured. It’s not possible to post a new blog post than comes above the earlier featured blog posts that isnt highlighted any more.

@robertfit - I’m not 100% sure, but I believe what is happening that it is filtering by featured and putting “On” first and then going to the “Offs” and most likely the date filter isn’t doing anything.

So rather than acting in tandem, it’s basically only sorting by the featured switch. On first and Off second.

Two potential ways to solve in my opinion:

  1. Make a featured section in the blog that only pulls in articles with the feature toggle on and then sort however you’d like.
  2. You could probably make a different field, like a number field and put numbers 1 - 10 on your featured articles and then sort ascending followed by date. This may work, might be worth a shot.

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