Not possible to add product to product category

Hi there,

I have a problem with the ECommerce CMS System.

I’ve created a product category DAIKIN.

When trying to add a product to the category, the input is IGNORED (and from time to time leads to a “Soemthing went wrong”-crash.

Please see video attached.


This seems like a bug to me and stops any progress of the project.

Any idea what I can do?


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @Robit97 what you describe defiantly seems like odd behavior. I don’t get the same results on my end. You might want to try running your browser in private or incognito mode so you can rule out an issue with an extension. I would also suggest making sure you don’t have a pending update if using chrome. If you do apply it and test again. I have seen weird form issues with that browser under that circumstance.

If these steps don’t resolve your issue, please post your OS with release# and browser with version. That way someone can try to duplicate your environment for a test.

If you don’t have positive results after doing the above tests, you may want to open a trouble ticket. You can reference this topic.

Hi webdev,

thank you very much for your input.

I’ve tried your suggestions and also tried on another computer with Windows 10 and a clean install of Chrome (as I usually work with Apple MacOS and Chrome) but the problem persists. I’ve even tried it with an iPad Pro with Safari in desktop mode, but the behaviour is the same.

I think I’ll have to open a trouble ticket…

But thank you very much!

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I just realized that I tested products => categories and not the reverse as displayed in your video. I confirm the issue exists for you as I also tested that on one of my sites and did not have the problem. This appears to be project specific.

Yes. Please do.

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